#CES: Speakal release oval iPod Docks that look like Wine Gums

We love the line-up of iPod speaker docks that Speakal have released for CES 2011. Colourful and crazy, they look a bit like giant Wine Gums – just with iPod docks and speaker ports.

Speakal are the folks who brought us the iPig speakers – they’re known for their wacky designs – and there are five new speaker docks in their CES 2011 collection. We’ve stuck ’em below. No prices yet but we’ll let you know. Not what you want in your minimalist designer sitting room perhaps… but we love them:

Descriptions and pictures from Speakal


SBPKX-100 – SBPKX-100 is a portable docking sound system that comes in an array of stunning colors complemented by a soft colorable LED light. It features high quality audio with an acoustic accelerator and DSP audio processing and an AM/FM alarm clock with 20 pre set stations. The LCD clock automatically syncs up with your iPhone/iPod to ensure the time is always accurate. You can plug it into the wall or power it up with AA batteries making it a great solution for around the campfire or trips to the beach.

SB 12 – This premium speaker system surrounds your iDevice with a colorful halo of powerful sound. Its modern, industrial design superbly complements the modern home with a thin disc of superb fidelity featuring touch controls.


iExecutive – This luxury docking sound system boasts a wide array of playback options with iPod/iPhone/USB/SD/Bluetooth compatibility. It’s sleek, aerodynamic design coupled with a powerful 20W subwoofer make this the ultimate centerpiece for the modern office. Additional functionality includes a radio, alarm clock, 20 pre-set channels, and video output.

Kurve – This compact, tubular sound dock blends 20 watts of clear and powerful sound with a colorful, clean form that accents your tunes with style. An integrated LED with 4 levels of brightness helps customize the atmosphere of any room.

SB5 – This fashionably designed oval speaker cranks out powerful bass with over 27W of total output. Bluetooth capabilities allow you to control your playlist from the comfort of your couch.


Speakal’s website

Anna Leach