First Look: Olympus VR-310


Olympus announces the ultra slim compact VR-310.
It is the latest camera to be added to Olympus’s range of cameras for 2011.
The new super slim and lightweight camera will be available this month for £129.99.

Despite being only 19.3mm deep, the VR-310 has an incredible 10x super wide powerful optical zoom or 35mm equivalent of 24-240mm. This allows users to capture group shots or distant objects in great detail. The 14 Megapixel camera also comes with the standard Olympus filters and 720p HD Movie Capabilities.

In addition it has dual Image Stabilization which counteracts camera shake to virtually eliminate blur, while AF Tracking keeps moving subjects in focus. Other clever features such as Face Detection, i-Auto, Scene Mode and Shadow Adjustment Technology automatically adapt settings to different conditions or subjects to make sure your pictures turn out perfectly.

The camera is available in silver, black, red and purple.



  • i regret i bought vr-310, it is only good in day light, but has very poor image quality for night scene mode.. other features like fireworks and sunset mode is very disappointing too..

  • This not the first time that Olympus offers its best. For years they’ve been touching many people’s live with their products…which what make them great.

  • For me canon is the best when it comes with digital cameras. It’s more than just easy to use…it also give a high quality images.

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