Album Written For The Shuffle

Music for Shuffle #01 from Matt Brown on Vimeo.

Whether you are a shuffle user or not, there is no denying it has hugely effected the way we listen to music.

Albums are often written in a way so that one song flows into the next revealing the archetypes and various plot lines. However, if you listen to an album on shuffle there is the possibility that you will miss these things. Disconnecting the songs from each other and thus changing the experience.

Apparently Matthew Irvine Brown feels the same way as I do, and has just written an album specifically for playing on shuffle. This was done by ensuring that every track flows into all the other tracks, in any given order. Taking inspiration from “the past 20-odd years in genres like glitch and minimal techno,” and ended up “sampling the skipping noises and using them as rhythmic and textural elements” to try and hide the noise the Shuffles make when a new track comes on. Very cool.

The album is available as a free download on his site.

Via Cult Of Mac



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