Facebook Launches New Mobile Site For Low-end Devices

facebook phone1.png

Facebook has decided to share the social networking love with their non-smartphone owning users, by launching a new mobile website designed specifically for lower-end mobile devices.

In a blog post, the company explained that the website, will work on the more than 2,500 lower-end mobile phones from Nokia, Samsung and LG. The site has been optimized for use on basic mobile phones and comes with key Facebook features like an easier to navigate home screen, contact synchronization and easy accessibility to photos and friend updates.

Currently Facebook has inked deals with 14 telephone operators in key developing nations to offer access to the website free of charge for 90 days after launch. They have not yet announced what they will charge after this.

Facebook engineer Mark Heynen said in a statement: “During the next few months, we plan to make the app available through more carriers in other countries so you can have a great mobile Facebook experience no matter what device you use.”



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