A His n Hers Valentine's iPod Dock – the Red Dock has space for two


As well as being a rich shade of red, the Red Double Dock from Pioneer has space for two. Two iPods that is. That’s why they’re billing it as an ideal Valentine’s present.

The idea is you can both put your iPods on the dock and then play them SIMULTANEOUSLY. I know, I’m imagining Rihanna playing over the Klaxons too, and it’s not great, but they claim it will work. We quote:

“Fade and mix your music together for a smooth playlist – the ultimate in background music while you sit down to dinner by candlelight.”

It also packs internet radio, can connect to devices over Bluetooth and has a punchy impressive sound quality in a solidly-built box.

The Double Red Dock, aka the Pioneer KODO XW-NAC3 in Red is available here for £299

If that sort of musical collaboration fails – just make a collaborative Spotify playlist.. We recommend them.

Anna Leach