Your Christmas Tweet: what people are saying about Xmas on Twitter


Sure you can see what the people you follow on Twitter are saying about Christmas, but one little app will show you what everybody is saying on Twitter.

It’s pretty cute and it’s all done up in whizzy visuals. That means you can see what most people on Twitter want for Christmas, how most people are feeling about Christmas – divided into positive and negative) and what people are saying about Whamm! (the band), Jesus and Starbucks.

Facts they have discovered include:

>> iPad (1st) is trouncing the Kindle which is only 10th in the gifts department…even socks are higher at no.9

>> Facebook is first in the top 40 brands being talked about, while Jesus at no 3 is beating both Apple (4) and Microsoft (7)!!

>> Call of Duty is miles behind Barbie and LEGO for favourite gifts this xmas

>> Top three sought after gifts are Apple products

>> Xbox (6th) is far way ahead of Playstation (24th) at the moment

It’s fun, though perhaps not quite as graphical as I’d hoped. Essentially as it shows up popular search terms and then the tweet stream for things tagged with them.. We like the comparison of Family tweets and Money tweets though. And it’s interesting to have our suspicions confirmed about the number of people tweeting about iPads.

Have a play around on A Christmas Tweet.

Anna Leach