Wikileaks jewellery!


So the Wikileaks cable leak has had many consequences, and one of the more surprising ones is that people have started wearing memory sticks as jewellery to support the cause. I say people, I mean one guy who blogs on Boing Boing, but still, I think he’s on the money.

The thing to do according to is to get an attractive looking memory stick – he recommends the Pico-3 ($30 on Amazon) – then copy and paste the main Wikileaks cables or perhaps, the Wikileaks Insurance file – a back-up cache of encoded leaks that will ensure the news gets out, even if the site and feeds are taken down.

Sounds like fun to me!

I’d love to see some more Wikileaks merchandise getting sold – Julian Assange T-shirts, branded memory sticks, mugs (that don’t leak) – it could help them compensate for the funds frozen in that Swiss bank account.

[via BoingBoing]

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Anna Leach


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