Shiny Poll: Online Vouchers – best thing since sliced bread? or a lot of hype and not much discount?

1419thumb.jpgAfter news that online discount deal site Groupon turned down a six million dollar offer from Google, I’m looking at online voucher sites in a new light. Maybe selling group deals on paint-balling weekends is the new money-spinner in tech world.

However, we’ve seen reports that a significant number of the deals offered on the site aren’t up to scratch and can end up in refunds or sellers getting swamped and being unable to offer the service advertised. Personally, I find that skimming through lists of available discount sites just makes me want to buy stuff I really don’t need because it seems like a bargain. It’s like virtual TK Maxx syndrome.

Still – money off is always good right?

Tell us readers: do you use online vouchers and deals? are your experiences always good?

There are different types of vouchers of course – some are voucher codes you enter in at checkouts on online retailers, or print out and present at restaurants, other online deals include the group buying efforts that Groupon offers, where everyone gets a discount.

Anna Leach