Five reasons to chat someone up on Twitter

1468thumb.jpgThe BBC have drawn our attention to a list of celebs on Twitter who have been flirting with each other publicly on that little social network.

Well, nothing like the example of a famous person to make you try something out and if Shane Warne can do it, so can we, the people.

Five Reasons to Chat Someone Up on Twitter

1) everyone likes an @ reply on Twitter

2) it’s a public display of affection. They’ll get all the kudos of looking popular

3) you’ll already kind of know what they’re interested in cause you’ve been following their tweets

4) the BBC say that the thrill of flirting in public on Twitter is the same as you got in school when passing notes around. Apparently that makes it better.

5) you can always unfollow and block them if it all goes horribly wrong

Five Tips on Chatting Someone up on Twitter

1) Aim high, but be realistic, we think that quite a lot of young women have already expressed interest in Justin Bieber

2) You know the fine line between a breezy chat up line and a creepy stalker message? Stay on the right side of that line.

3) Chances are they’ll click on your profile after receiving your @ tweet so maybe you want to make sure your latest 10 tweets display you as a normal fun person.

4) Go in subtle with a little joke, the direct approach doesn’t ever work very well.

5) Reply to something they said – shows an interest, doesn’t it… And make it easy to reply back to – maybe a question? There’s no comeback to a pearl of Confucian wisdom

Anna Leach