Quick Guide: The Chrome OS, Chrome apps and why you should be interested in it

A quick Q&A guide to the new Google Chrome.

Q Yes yes, I’ve got Chrome it’s a web-browser right, what’s all the fuss about?

A Well it is yes, it’s Google’s speedy web browser, but Chrome is also a new Operating System released just today, in testing mode. That’s what everyone is writing about.

Q A operating system for what?

A Well for any computer – for laptops or tablets or desktops.

Q My computer already has an Operating System, why would I be interested in this one?

A Because and this is the big selling point of the whole thing… Google have built it from the bottom-up to be completely in tune with the web. It’s a web-based OS made for internet connected devices.

Q What and Windows isn’t?

A Of course all other operating systems work with the web, but Windows was built for a time before the internet existed, so Google claim it’s not so much in tune with the internetz.

Q Alright then? where do I find it? how much is it?

A Well it’s only out in a testing version yet for people who are prepared to provide technical feedback on the system – what is out now though is the app store associated with the new operating system. That means there are a bunch of interesting web apps that will work best on the new Chrome system but are compatible for anyone with a browser. Doesn’t even have to be Chrome.

Q What apps?

A Well, okay lots of them are things that are already sites… like the New York Times, and Sports Illustrated, but they just display nicely in an “appy” format.

We’re really interested in Tweetdeck the Chrome Extension..see it here

Q No fart apps?

A No, not yet.

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Anna Leach