Alternative Bookmarking Services To Delicious

Today Yahoo! announced that they will be slimming down their sizable range of services by axing both Delicious and AltaVista.

This announcement, particularly the fate of Delicious, has been with received with a great deal of annoyance by users who use it to organize their web browsing experiences. So while one option is to export your bookmarks, there are other services that will let you tag, save and share. Two of our favourites include Pinboard, and Diggo.



Pinboard is a relatively simple, tagged, social bookmarking service although it does have a few extra features that Delicious did not have. These include automatic link de-shortening, automatic bookmarking of anything you save to Instapaper or Read It Later, archives of your links and favorites from Twitter, private tags that only you can see, and better bulk editing. The service is available for $7.50 or for $25 per year, Pinboard will keep a copy of each page you bookmark, so that even dead links are readable.

In the how-to section, Pinboard have included instructions for Delicious users on how to export/import your bookmarks.


Diigo not only handles Delicious-style bookmarking, it also includes browser extensions and bookmarklets. In addition it has clients for Android, iPhone, and iPad so that you can save your notes and make them available offline. It also provides users with a number of ways to collaborate with a groups, and allows you to make bookmarks private or public, on a case-by-case basis. The basic version is available for free with the premium services costing up to $40 a year.

What other bookmarking services do you use?


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