25% cut in BBC online confirmed – what's going to go?

1462bbc.jpgDigital radio station 6 music was saved, but the 25% cut to BBC online has just been confirmed by a BBC Review announced today, and it’s a harsh scaling back of the media operations on web.

It seems wrong to let the cuts fall on the fastest growing area of the BBC – new media, but it is predicted the cuts are most likely to be felt on smaller sites – with iPlayer and the News site being ringfenced for funding. That means it will the websites of radio programmes and TV programmes most likely to be cut or phased into the main site. Magazines are also taking a hit.

The news site – the biggest news site in terms of hits – in the world, and in the top ten biggest sites in the world

It will likely also mean a lot of jobs cut and perhaps a fall in overall content production. With a quarter going, it’s likely users will see the effect.

Anna Leach