Yota to offer free wireless broadband to customers – will other networks follow


There’s a good story over at TechDigest which focuses on international mobile wireless company Yota’s intention not to charge consumers for web access, voide/data etc in the future.

Rodion Shishkov, the VP Services of 4G telecoms company Yota, argues ‘In a few years Internet access as a paid service won’t exist any more. Rather than collect subscriptions from customers providers will make their money by charging third parties to use their networks to offer services to consumers like banking, music and video.’

Shishkov adds that his company Yota, which has 4G networks (the next generation wireless technology) in Russia and South America and is launching in several more countries in 2011, will pioneer the free web in the next couple of years. He also believes that both US and Western European networks will adopt a similar approach soon after.

There’s more about Yota’s plans and how 4G might affect the way we access the web here.

Ashley Norris