You want me to pay £18 for what? Beatles on iTunes are £10 more expensive than on CD

1349thumb.jpgApple’s “world-changing” announcement today was that they have finally, after years of wrangling got the Beatles on a digital music store. So yes, you can now download Beatles songs and albums from iTunes.

But… aside from the fact that most Beatles fans have already invested in the album, iTunes prices are staggeringly over the odds. The Red Album for example is going for £6.99 (used) on Amazon but will set you back £17.99 if you buy it online from iTunes.

A significant £11 difference. The CD is more like £13 new on Amazon, still £5 cheaper than iTunes.

Steve – we know you can charge above the odds for phones and mp3 players but the big price gap in the music field looks bad when you are selling exactly the same product..

Anna Leach