Virgin goes all glossy pink with Nokia 6700 Slide for only £8.50 a month

With most phone contracts these days spiralling past the £25 mark, it’s quite nice to see something for £8.50 a month.

However, with the Nokia 6700 Slide on Virgin you’re not getting much for your £s – £8.50 only gets you 100 minutes and 100 texts a month and it’s a 24 month contract. Still it’s a nice phone with a nice camera for an entry-level handset – 5 megapixels and there’s a built-in music player and FM radio.

The Nokia 6700 packs a 2GB memory card (up to 16GB expandable memory) and there is a web-browser, though you need to pay extra for internet data.

Oh yes and the candy-bar vertical slider is all glossy nail lacquer pink. If that’s your thing…

Nokia 6700 Slide for £8.50 a month on Virgin
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Anna Leach