VIDEO: Headphone wars – Philips O'Neill Stretch headphones vs the Retro i-Megos

Gerald put two top-performing headphones through their paces other day. The retro-tastic i-Meegos with their steel grilles are more club-wear, while the Phillips Stretch headphones – a collaboration with Animal – are all about extreme sports and listening to music while you’re bungee jumping and suchlike. Gerald doesn’t bungee jump below, what he does do is give them a workout. What’s his verdict on the sound and just how stretchy is that little thing?

The Phillips O’Neill Stretch headphones, £99 from

And then there are the i-Mego Retro Classic Headphones- see our verdict on the sound quality… and just how that oblong shaped cup feels on Gerald’s sensitive ears.

i-Mego Retro Classic Headphones, £50 from AudioOut

Anna Leach