Vacuum the Pooch: Dyson make a Dog Groom Tool


Dyson have a knack of making boring things kind of sexy. And yes – they have managed it with a dog groom tool.

All about removing loose hair and dead skin cells from the surface of your pet, it’s a little bristly brush thing that you plug on to the end of your Dyson vacuum cleaner and then rub over your dog.

As they put it: Dyson’s Groom tool sucks up dog hair before it falls to the floor.

“The Dyson Groom tool’s stainless steel bristles remove loose hair and dead skin. Bristles and air flow are controlled via thumb pressure on a tab. As the thumb is lifted, pressure is reduced and the bristles retract. Simultaneously, air flow is re-directed to suck hair and allergens into the clear bin – hygienically.”

Suitable for medium or long-haired dogs, there are tips on the site about making your dog more comfortable with the notion of your vacuum cleaner.


Dyson Dog Groom Tool costs £40 from
compatible with most Dyson vacuum cleaners.

Anna Leach


  • No problems for me with my DC24 Animal – it is one of the latest Dysons, though. My dog was EXTREMELY wary at first – she even jumped! – but has got used to it now. I love it!

  • I bought the Dyson Dog Grooming Tool. Months later and many phone calls and emails later I had to return it as it doesn’t fit on to the hose end of my Dyson DC05!! even though I checked the serial number with Dyson before buying. They expected me to fit it onto the 7 inch curved purple pipe on the end – try grooming your dog with all this on there – impossible!! Dyson have cocked up in not checking the full working compatibility with the older models. The pictures on the website and in their product catalogues are incorrect for the older models. BEWARE before you buy even if your serial number seems ok on their website!

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