iGo Charge Anywhere – portable juice pack for gadgets


A nifty multi-purpose gadget-charger from iGo, the iGo Charge Anywhere promises to do what it says on the tin and juice your gadgets up wherever you are..

Capable of providing up to 3 full charges for any mobile device without replenishing, it’s a handy portable battery to carry around.

It also works as a wall charger, plugged in between the socket and the device, and can fit two gadgets at once while juicing itself up.

According to iGo it is compatible with most mobile and gaming electronic devices thanks to its interchangeable power tips: including the iPhone, BlackBerry, Bluetooth headset, MP3 players, digital camera and/or gaming device by using the included iGo USB cable or the devices own USB Charge cable. It has two USB ports.

Billed as good for travel, it weighs 107 g and measures 58 x 64 x 37 mm. It also means you don’t need to pack a charger for every single device you take out with you.

£49.90 from iGo here

Anna Leach