The World's Most Comfortable Mouse is now pocket-sized, meet the Whirl Mini


Does your mouse need a comfort pivot? New Jersey company Smartfish think it does and they promise it will make you feel like your hand is floating on air.

Their Whirl Mini Laser Mouse is not just a comfortable mouse, it is, in their opinion The World’s Most Comfortable Mouse. It’s all down to the rocking system that apparently allows you make the natural fluid movements that your body likes to do. None of this raising your hand slightly above the desk thing.

CEO Dr. Jack Atzmon says:

“Whirl’s comfort pivot system provides the natural fluid movement your body needs. The mouse becomes a natural extension of your hand as if it’s floating on air. It’s the most luxurious comfort attainable for on-the-go computing.”

Lovely, anyway the deal is that they’ve just released a travel version for $49.95 available on their website.

Now they just need to invent The World’s Most Comfortable computer chair.

Whirl Mini Laser Mouse, is $49.95 from Smartfish

Anna Leach