Breathable Vitamins: LeWhif goes healthy

1293left.jpgFor those of you for whom eating vegetables is a chore, and even munching those little pills is difficult – meet the vitamins you can breathe in.

LeWhif – the makers of breathable chocolate have turned their attention to vitamins and made – LeWhif Vitamin: huff on the little plastic stick to get your nutrients. How about that?

I have to say I wasn’t wowed by the LeWhif chocolate sticks, when I tried them out it was a bit like breathing in a light dusting of cocoa powder.. underwhelming.

Still there is some science behind this vitamin thing. They tell us:

“Le Whif Vitamins, now available in the UK, are set to change the way that supplements are taken forever. The new “breathable vitamins” allow supplements to be absorbed into the blood stream without swallowing, a non-digestive pathway proven more effective for many supplements.”

There is actually lots of science here. Though to be honest it is more redolent of skincare adverts than the New Scientist…
“Many supplements on the market now lose bioavailability on passing through the liver. In the case of resveratrol, which provides potential cardiac and even anti-aging benefits, a single milligram of resveratrol absorbed through the mouth leads to blood levels of the supplement equivalent to a 250 milligram pill. So whether to increase efficacy, or simply to avoid pills, breathable vitamins offer a new innovative and sensible approach to daily healthcare.”

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Vitamin LeWhif sell for £5.99 for a three-pack.

Anna Leach