Ads about being glued to your phone: Microsoft vs Sony Ericsson

You may have noticed Microsoft’s spiel when they were advertising their Windows 7 phones – that with normal smartphones people are too engrossed in their complicated handsets that they forgot to live in the real world and consequently they fall over, get slapped by their girlfriend, run into trees and generally embarass themselves.

The thing is that Windows phones have all their useful information on the home screen so you just need to glance at it to know what’s going on etc etc.

Well Sony Ericsson have just released a set of ads where the opposite happens. Where men are so engrossed in their phones that they have to get dragged around the supermarket/airport by their wives becasue their phones are just like soooo interesting.

Can’t find the ad, but the product page for the ESPN goal app is here

Odd that two companies both trying to sell phones take the exact opposite approach. On balance I’m going to swing with Windows 7 as being the better ad here. It’s just a bit more inventive.

I think the fact we can all agree on is that people spend loads of their time engrossed in their phones.

Anna Leach