86% Of Brits Would Rather Receive Something Practical For Christmas


It seems like us Brits are a practical lot when it comes to our holiday wishlists.
According to a new study from Oral-B (yes the toothbrush people) into Christmas spending, almost 90% of us will be looking to give and receive practical presents this Christmas.

In fact 8 out 10 people would rather give someone a present which they knew was needed, with another 83% prepared to spend more on the gift if this was the case. I wonder if I can convince someone I really need a new record player for Christmas??

The survey found the top ten practical presents Brits want this year are:

1. Clothes
2. Cash
3. Gift vouchers
4. Underwear
5. Socks
6. Bed linen/towels
7. Power tools
8. Electric toothbrush
9. A set of knives
10. Saucepans

Would you prefer something more practical for Christmas or do you prefer to receive gifts you wouldn’t buy for yourself?