Yahoo's new Mail service: speedier and with Facebook

The 10 million plus people in the UK who use Yahoo Mail can expect a revamp in the next few days as a beta version of the new and redesigned Mail is rolled out.

The stand-out feature is the speed – they promise it is twice as fast. The new Yahoo is also designed to be more secure and easier to navigate. A flashier feature is the social networking integration which pulls in updates from facebook and twitter into your inobx and will let you post to either network from within Yahoo.. You can also send SMS messages to your friends’ phones and now see photos and videos in-line as opposed to having to click out..

Integration like this helps Yahoo establish itself as the dashboard of its user’s online experience – their personal feed of everything going on in their online social circles.

They desribed it as “a faster, safer, more personally meaningful communication experience – seamlessly across PC, mobile and tablet devices.”

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Anna Leach