Why Google Streetview is the new Holiday Brochure


Apparently 1 in 10 Brits now use Google Streetview to check out holiday destinations before deciding where to go.

Of course, it’s more of a useful guide for city breaks rather than beach holidays since the Google cameras only include street level photography as taken by the Google Car. And note that not all cities have Streetview either – Berlin doesn’t for example, nor does St Petersburg, instead you just get a few geolocated pictures rather than a seamless view of a road.

The study by www.CouponCodes4U.com polled 6,286 Americans and 1,287 Brits and found out that 9% of Brits will streetview a holiday destination and that almost 50% of people will streetview an area before moving house there.

Streetviewing other cities something I do definitely, though I wouldn’t say it was the make or break factor in my choice of booking a holiday. In fact, I’m more likely to do it with placs I want to go anyway, or if I’m at work and want to pretend I’m tootling around in the streets of Brooklyn.

While we’re on the topic of street view, here’s a picture of a seagull flying into the Google Car camera….


How do you use streetview?

Anna Leach