Top Five Brands on Twitter & why TopShop rules the roost


TopShop isn’t just a high-street darling, it has social media down too – coming up as the biggest UK brand by number of followers on Twitter.

The clothes shop has an incredible 100,000+ followers on Twitter, far ahead of the second biggest brand, which has just over 64,000, according to the survey of the Top Brands on Twitter by Sutro Digital.

Okay so some brands just won’t have their demographic online – I can’t imagine that people who shop at uh Jigsaw being quite so tech savvy. And some brands just wouldn’t be very interesting on Twitter – PoundStretcher, Heinz, Prit Stik.. (or maybe they would be, what do you think?)

The key to the sucess of @Topshop_Tweets seems to be being nice and chatty, having a great site to post info off, and lots of pictures of good clothes.

The Top Five are…
1. TopShop
2. Burberry
4. with Aleksandr Orlov
5. O2

See the full list on Sutro

Anna Leach