Samsung + Lily Allen = a netbook that looks like Victorian Wallpaper

We’re liking on this classy case by Samsung for their new bit of kit the SF310 notebook.


The monochrome SF310 notebook looks a bit like Victorian wallpaper thanks to a creative makeover by Lily Allen and her new boutique shop – Lucy in Disguise. The shop rocks the same kind of cute retro style as the British singer.

Clearly aimed at the high spending, design-conscious Christmas market – the notebook will be on sale in Lucy in Diguise’s Covent Garden store from early November


And on the inside? Well Samsung say:

“the SF310 has 6.5 hours of battery life and includes an express charging mode which fully charges the battery in just 2 – 3 hours. With Samsung’s proprietary Fast Start technology, the notebook is ready to use in seconds and if your phone handset or camera runs low on power when you’re out and about, the convenient USB Sleep & Charge feature enables you to charge them without even turning the notebook on.”

To give a bit more detail, the 13-inch SF310 was announced earlier this month at IFA, has an Intel i5 2.65ghz chip, an LCD screen and it’s all special and curvy.

The SF310 costs £799 without the design on Samsung here and is available from now..

Anna Leach

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