Post Voicemail to Facebook with HulloMail app

Android app Hullomail lets you speak your Facebook messages to your friends. Acting like a voicemail for Facebook, you can record a message on your phone then post it from the app to your friend’s wall in a matter of minutes.

It’s like a talking wall post see? HulloMail say it is a way to personalise your messages. It’s also a fun way to share embarrassing voicemails that your drunken friends leave on your phone.

“We have made it really easy to share voicemails and voice messages directly with Facebook, adding a completely new dimension to voicemail and the social networking experience.” says HulloMail founder Andy Munarriz – “Next time you get a priceless voicemail, you can share it with your Facebook wall immediately [..] Voicemail will never be the same again.”

Hullomail has apps across all the main app stores – iPhone, Android, Blackberry and Nokia, but the Facebook integration is only available on the newest version of the Android app (3.0)

I’m being more careful next time I leave a voicemail on an Android phone…

Anna Leach