INTERVIEW: Samsung execs explain why you will want apps on the TV

We grabbed a quick video interview with two Samsung execs at the launch of their Smart TV Apps platform. We had just been sold the brave new world of apps on the telly and so we asked these guys just why we should be so wowed. They also tell us how you pay for TV apps, how they felt about competiton from Google, and what their favourite apps were.

Watch out for the surprise statistic on the percentage of people who buy internet-enabled TVs but don’t actually activate the internet..

Anna Leach


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  • This is such a terrible interview …… The interviewer came accross as silly and the interviewers couldn’t make their minds up as to the age and intelligence of their viewers. So many words and such little information, did you no favours Samsung!!!! I have your 3d tv and want the 3d tv app which is unavailable in UK. I can play the stuff you were talking about on my wonderful TV, wirelessly through my computer, so what are these apps your were avoiding mentiong the names of?

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