Ultimate iPhone diss: video explores the iPhone4 vs HTC Evo debate

Those Android fan boys sure know how to do a diss when they want to. This is a scathing parody of the fashion-conscious iPhone owner on his way to buy the iPhone 4, oblivious to reason and trapped in a master-slave relationship with Apple.

The Android guy isn’t really giving the most accurate review of iPhone 4 that I’ve ever heard but he sure does have a point about the 4G network. It is much faster than the 3G one we have in the UK, however neither 4G internet nor the 4G enabled Sprint are available in the the UK, so that sucks.

[This is done with the cool auto-animation tool Xtranormal I wrote about here.]

My favourite bit is when the customer service reps in the phone shop says “I think I may go and chop off my own dick now, yes, I think I will”. When does that ever happen?

Anna Leach


  • I’ve used both iPhone and Android-based phones (notably LG) and found Android to be far more “flexible” in many departments. That said, I think competition is good for the mobile OS market.

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