The X-rated Wii Game – the Mojowijo is a remote vibrator

It’s not all family-friendly sports games on the the Nintendo Wii. This Wii accessory, currently in private beta (very private we hope) is a vibrator. A two-way remote controlled vibrator in fact that can send sensations over the internet. This is no simple piece of buzzing plastic, the Mojowijo really uses the capabilities of the Wii.

So plug the hardware bits into two Wiimotes, and uh, go for it with your respective bits.
Wiggling and thrusting on the first remote are detected and sent via Bluetooth to a nearby PC (you don’t need the actual Wii itself).

From there, your movements are sent over the internet and reproduced by a vibrator on the other Wiimote, allowing a remote partner to enjoy your stimulations.

Just making long distance relationships that little bit more fun, or adding a whole new element to Chatroulette – you decide.

You can sign up for the beta now, and you’ll get a prototype device to test. However, Wired warns that the signup page asks for an awful lot of personal details, so it might pay to be wary before jumping in, especially as the product shots are just computer-renderings.

More? see the Mojowijo site

[via Wired]

Anna Leach


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