Apple Launch: iOS 4.1 and iOS 4.2 – what's new and how long the iPads have to wait

A lot of bugs have been fixed, iPhone 3G performance bugs, proximity bugs.

Then there are some newbies coming too…. here they are…

HDR photos
– that’s High Dynamic Range Photos and to humanoids like us that means each time you take a picture it actually takes 3 photos at different exposures. Then combines them using an alogorithym.

Game Center
An API for multiplayer games for developers. Expect some pretty little games. Epic games show off Sword a multiplayer fighting game, it’s a bit phallic.

expect also TV show rentals.

iOS4.1 for iPhone and for iPod touch available next week….

And for iPad users, there’s iOS4.2

You can print, you can multitask and you can stream the screen of your iPad to a different screen. Pretty good. This is all about the iPad, and Pad users have been waiting for it long enough.

Printing wirelessly will be available, as will a feature called Aeroplane letting you stream to different screens. We like it. Will make the iPad a lot more functional. Pity it’s not out for two months…

iOS4.2 coming out in November

Stats on the old iOS:
iOS devices – 120million devices shipped.
230,000 new activations a day (doesn’t include
6.5 billion apps downloaded – 200 per second
250,000 apps on the app store

Anna Leach