Shiny Poll: that new iTunes icon – what do you think?


“Music downloads have outpaced CD sales” Steve Jobs announced last night so he and Apple decided to whip the CD out of the iTunes icon for their tenth version of the software. Makes sense right? But where Apple usually has everyone dribbling with lust over the aesthetics of their designs, this iTunes icon seems a bit ugly.

Famous for having err iconic icons, this seems to be a dud note.

Maybe I’m being a bit nostalgic here but its navy and turquoise is just less cheerful and shiny than the old one. It does look more like an app, which I guess makes sense. That’s what Apple does these days.

What do you think? Restrained and retro or a bit uggs?

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Anna Leach


  • I think apple may have invested in an iStock account!

    +c, +i & +v.

    Everything back to normal :)

  • I think apple may have invested in an iStock account!

    +c, +i & +v.

    Everything back to normal :)

  • TOTAL crap! Looks exactly like the kind of stale, murky, brittle clip-art designs from Microsoft. Blech!!

  • looks too much like the real player icon to me.
    i really dislike the new itunes. trying desperately to make it look like the old without much luck.

    i always say change is progress and embrace it whenever i can but i just cant get myself to do it in this case.

  • Where is the option for “OMG it totally sucks it makes me think OS X has been taken over by Windoze” ??

  • The new one looks generic and cheap, for all you know it could be some free app, it doesn’t say “Apple” in style and as others have said looks out of place in the dock. The colours are not subtle, that’s it’s main problem.

    I’m a designer btw.

  • the musical note is just too bulky, it does not seem to be an iTunes thing… but if you ask me, not this nor the previous one seemed cool, it is just too much gray and boring blue!

  • Having the new icon on my mac’s dock, it looks severely out of place. Bad move, apple.

    The old one had a real subtle style to it, a fair bit of detail. Whereas the new one is simply 3 circles on a grey-black gradient, with a music note with outer glow. Meh.

  • It looks like a spin of the dash board icon but is in very poor taste… if it is not broken dont fix it… At least its not hard to change the icon back but I shouldn’t have to!

  • I think i made that exact logo in 10 minutes in my IT class. it sucks. why does every company feel the need to make their logos shiney and round????

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