Invention of the Day: the spring out ReadySteady Tripod for video cameras


All the anti-shake camera technology in the world can’t correct for a truly shaky hand. So there is a use for tripods, especially if you, the filmer/photographer want to be in your own films and photographs.

Sure, you can always try sellotaping the camera to the wall (I’ve been there), but chances are a tripod is going to be better option for many reasons.

Obviously there’s a market for cheap portable ones.. and that’s what David the inventor of the readysteady stand is trying to target with his new device.

The readySTEADY is a homegrown invention he designed to be portable and functional. It works with cameras that have a tripod screw-in bit at the bottom – Flips, Vados, Kodak Playsports, or Sony Webbies.

It’s a plastic circle with a flexible metal wire coiled up inside. Open it out, the wire pings out then you rig it up with the base. See the picture above? that’s the steps you go through to set it up.

There’s a video here which we can’t embed which shows how it actually works. Gotta say – it seems a little pricey to me $29.99 (£19)

What do you think? a good idea? or a bit fiddly?

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Anna Leach

One thought on “Invention of the Day: the spring out ReadySteady Tripod for video cameras

  • Thank you for showcasing the readySTEADY. It fits in your pocket and works in all situations — static shots, pans and tilts. It also works as a monopod. (one small correction — it’s aluminum, not plastic).

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