Pixie Lott's new best MP3 Player: Samsung Tik Toc


What makes you likely to buy one portable music player over another? Is it the storage capacity? the battery life? How about if a popstar flashes it in a music video? Ha, we knew we had you there. If blonde British popstrel Pixie Lott does it for you, then you may be interested to know that she officially endorses the Samsung Tik Toc MP3 Player, it’s like her Favourite New MP3 player 4EVA.

The shot above is a screengrab of her and the Tik Toc from her new video Broken Arrows out tomorrow. It’s a budget end music device with a couple of nice features – such as a play mode that recognises the speed of the song and can play you either fast or slow music from your library and also a Tic Toc voice guide which enables the player to say the name of the artist and the song being played. Otherwise we’re not thrilled by the 2/4mb memory, pretty small by any standards.

Set to cost approximately £50, it’s in competition with the £39 2gb Shuffle.

Popstars endorsing random tech products is one of my favourite things. There was the hilarious Virgin Mobile plug in Lady Gaga’s Telephone video that almost had me ditching O2.


Anna Leach

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