Late-working Geek Night comes to UK: NightOwls London

1124nightowls.jpgIf staying up till 2am working on your laptop in an office building sounds like your idea of HELL then the NightOwl project is unlikely to interest you very much, but it’s a concept that has got big in New York and is now catching on in London.

So the idea is that it provides a space where people with side-projects, bright ideas and just a lot of work can gather and work and brainstorm until the early hours. They describe it as: “a weekly meetup of hard-working people with just too much to do for the standard 9 to 5 lifestyle.”

Apparently the idea came to its New York founder Allan Grinshtein when he used to look out at all the lit windows in his street and imagine all these people working separately on little businesses and new ideas. He set it up with Amber Rae Lambke and it wound up in the New York Times.

Of course the advantage of working late at home is that you can go get some hot chocolate whenever you want and put your duvet over your head. But still, there are some advantages of being in a community and office environment – like motivation and meeting space and sound wifi.

Nightowl meets provide wifi and coffee and start at 8pm.

The first NightOwls is tomorrow night in central London, on Broadwick Street
It’s free but you need to email to join, more details here

Anna Leach


  • It shouldn’t be difficult to do an “hand-made” version at home ! I’gonna try it this summer :)

  • Before I check this out, does this mean it won’t save that I’ve completed certain levels?

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