iPods over Wedding Rings as most treasured possessions of Generation Facebook

We won’t claim it’s the most empirical survey in the world, but a study on Facebook by gadget insurers Protect your Bubble found that people valued their iPods over their cats and their wedding rings.

The survey asked Facebook users what their most treasured possessions were and iPods came out top with 12% of the 500 respondents voting for their iPods as their most prized possession. The survey also showed some strong loyalty to the Blackberry brand, with the smart phone coming in second, while wedding rings seemed to come in pretty low-down with only 1% of people choosing them as most treasured possession, well below the television (at 4.5%) and the games console (8%).

Still we don’t know what proportion of the survey respondents were actually married, so it may not be as poor as a showing as it sounds. As the head of Protect your Bubble commented: “Perhaps some of the results show more about the demographics and preferences of Facebook users, with wedding rings and cars so far down the scale, but the iPod definitely seems to still rule as the gadget of choice.”

Still even for the gadget-heads among us it is surprising to see that the Pod pips more functional gadgets like phones and laptops to the post. Still I guess it just goes to show that people really love music…

Here’s the list:

iPod 12%
Blackberry 11.5%
iPhone 10%
Laptop 9%
Dog 9%
Games console 8%
Macbook 7%
iPad 6%
Cat 5%
Camera 5%
Television 4.5%
Car 4%
Video camera 4%
Other jewellery 4%
Wedding ring 1%

Anna Leach


  • Would be interesting to have the ages of the people taking the survey. That would be more informative.

  • I am not surprised at all, my mobile is worth its weight in gold, my wedding ring is just 9 carrot…

  • Is it not because more fb people own iPods than wedding rings? Surely out of people who own an iPad and and iPod they treasure the iPad more?

  • Alas, just as an iPod has a shuffle function, so do many people’s love lives! It’s no surprise that the wedding ring came in last!

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