Greasy car dealers? there's an app for that

1082thumb.jpgIf you’re wondering just how much the used car salesman paid for that Chevrolet he’s trying to flog you.. your iPhone could be able to tell you the answer.

If it sounds like this app was made in Kansas that’s because it was.. Car Tell Auction Prices for iPhone comes from a Kansas group who collect data in just this area. Called Automotive Data Systems they have a bank of information about second-hand car sales and have just hit on an iPhone app as the smart way to get this information out to consumers when they need it.

The catch seems to be that their data is only good for cars that have changed hands in the past 30 days.

They say:

“The App provides users with highly-valuable confidential pricing information showing what used car dealers actually paid for cars in their inventory….

The simple to use app allows you to brows through 60k+ records from the last 30 days covering all makes from everyday passenger cars, hybrids, trucks, SUVs’ and minivans to high end exotics separated into East Coast, Midwest and West Coast regions. Sort by year, make, model and price or create custom detailed searches allowing you to filter the results down to mileage, year or price ranges for a specific make and mode.”

Oh and it costs $9.99, but you could probably make that back by shaving a few $$s off the price of your new car.

Car Tell Auction Prices on iTunes for $9.99

Anna Leach

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