From MySpace to the Ovi Store: Lily Allen is now an app

1135thumb.jpgSeeing as she started off as a MySpace phenomenon, it’s only appropriate she’s now an app. Lilly Allen is also an Ovi app called Lily Allen. Kylie Minogue is one too in fact, her app is called Kylie Minogue.

What do you get on Lily Allen the app? Well, not personal messages from the singer, or free gifts, or invitations from Lily to meet her for coffee and hang out with her in LDN. No. Unfortunately not. What you get is this: “all the latest news, photos, tour info and music from Lily Allen.”

Still. Getting new music is pretty good. That’s a nice touch. You can find the latest news from celebs in Heat can’t you, and it’s all nice and saucy over there.

Anna Leach


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