Fashion brand Next make an Android Tablet – uh?


In a surprising move, high street fashion brand Next have decided to launch an own-brand tablet computer based on the Android platform….

It’s a 10.1″ resistive touchscreen which will cost a reasonable £180. You’d expect them to do something fancy with the design what with them being a clothing brand and all, but it seems to be a fairly straightforward rectangular black iPad look-alike.

We imagine they won’t be making it themselves but aren’t too sure why the fashion sellers have gone for this product… The promo pictures suggest you can use it to browse the Next Online store, so maybe they just see it as a another store front for their products…

Specs below:

• 10″ WXGA LCD touchscreen display
• Google android operating system
• 8GB storage + cardreader
• Arm 11 processor
• WiFi, 2 x USB ports, microphone and headphone socket
• Operates in portrait and landscape

Available for £180 from now on the Next website

See pictures below…

Anna Leach


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