Buzz Lightyear card game goes three dimensional – EEK

I remember a time when cards were cards. Now they’re portals into augmented reality. Well you’d expect Buzz Lightyear cards to be sort of whizzy, and the new ones are pretty impressive. Wave the playing card in front of your webcam on the dedicated Buzz Lightyear site and instead of seeing yourself waving a card around, you’ll be controlling a moving model of the Toy Story hero, magically superimposed on top.


You can play an “addictive flying game” with Buzz where you control him by moving your card, or just watch him bumping around, taking pictures of yourself with your virtual friend.

Then of course you can just play normal card games with cards too… like the 2-in-1 Toy Story 3 Trade Up & Happy Families Card Game. Or that game where you just flick them at your sister.

The Toy Story 3 Buzz Lightyear Gift Set Tin will be available from all good toy retailers at
£9.99. For more information visit

Anna Leach

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