UK's cheapest mobile phone contract: Tesco's £6 a month deal

896tesco_simcard.pngAt a tiny £6 a month Tesco’s claim to have released the nation’s cheapest phone deal. The Sim-only contract gets you unlimited texts and 100 free minutes a month.

Aimed squarely at cash-strapped tweens, teens and students who don’t use calls very much, this is a pretty good deal. It’s a one month SIM only contract so you can cancel anytime after the first month.

Of course, it’s not going to work with your new iPhone or indeed any other smartphones, because it doesn’t offer any internet access but hey if you like to text, this is great.

Other bottom end contract deals cost £10 minimum.

To get it, buy the SIM card on the Tesco Website here.

(only sold online and over the phone).

Anna Leach

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