New slider touchscreen Blackberry launches in US: The Torch 9800

It has a slider keyboard and a full touchscreen and it is the latest gadget in Blackberry’s redoutable range of business phones.

The Torch was unveiled today and will go on sale in the US on AT&T from 12th August. Features of the new flagship phone include the Blackberry OS 6.0

The new operating system will be rolled out to other handsets but the Torch will be the first phone to carry it.

The Torch features a 3.2″ touch screen with 480×360 pixel color display. The unusual feature is the slide-out QWERTY keyboard and optical trackpad.

The key features of the new Blackberry operating system are: a new “PC-like” web browser. It renders pages “beautifully” apparently, with tabbed browsing for access to multiple web pages at the same time and pinch-to-zoom capability and – secondly – a Universal Search tool.

The new device is geared to take advantage of your media resources elsewhere, so it syncs to iTunes, Windows Media Player DRM-Free music, photos and videos on the go from your computer to your BlackBerry. Sync from your home computer music library to your BlackBerry can be done wirelessly over Wi-Fi.

Check out the pictures below…

It’s launching in the US first on the 12th August, see the page on network AT&T here

Anna Leach

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  • The business phone needs every single aspect to stay ahead and Blabkbarry has proved it by designing ‘The Torch 9800’.

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