Helpful Gmail app Rapportive links mails to tweets and online profile

A useful new app for Gmail has just got a new round of venture capital funding: Rapportive is a nifty app that links emails you receive to the Linked-In profile of the sender and their recent tweets.

Rapportive replaces the Google adverts in the side of your Gmail with an information about the sender. That’s a link to their Linked-In profile letting you see their current and previous jobs, recent tweets and any notes you have chosen to add about them. If your twitter isn’t something you want associated with your business emails, probably best not to link your twitter to your Linked-In account. Though, you knew that anyway.

Rapportive can even show you the location of your email correspondent, if they’re geotagging their tweets.

For most of my contacts, Rapportive drew a bit of a blank, but then this is more of a business tool than one for personal use, and even if the Linked-In bit doesn’t connect, the notes function is useful.


Got Gmail? Get Rapportive here

Anna Leach


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