Is there an app to teach you Jewish mourning prayers? Yes there is


Well I don’t know if this is an common need among iPhone users, but an app now helps you to pronounce a Jewish mourning prayer.

If you find it hard to master the intonation while reciting the ancient Aramaic text of the Kaddish, this app will definitely help you.

It’s a free tutorial program that displays the text of the Kaddish in the original Aramaic and English transliteration, and chants the text, highlighting each word as it is pronounced.

I guess it could be embarrassing getting it wrong on sombre occasions, so take the time to download this app and get it right.

And if you want another app to help you cope with the grief itself, try Personal Cemetery, an app that lets you make gravestones for people who have died. Only kidding. Even Engadget think it’s a bit shoddy.

Anna Leach