How technology has changed dating for ever..


Things ain’t like how they used to be. In the past twenty years, technology has changed everything from the publishing industry to home videos. Dating has not escaped. Tell us what you think in the poll at the bottom…

How technology has made dating a nightmare…

1) The privacy of gadgets

Just noticed an article on which inspired this post.. The writer is worried that Kindles and eBooks will make it impossible to chat up girls on the train now, because you can’t see what book they’re reading. [ASIDE TO THE LADIES: did this ever actually work?] He adds mournfully, that where you used to be able to judge someone from their library or CD collection when you visited their house, now all you’ll see is an iPad and an MP3 player. It’s a loss he says. A real loss.

2) The opportunity for awful things to be said in the public arena
Have you read what this man wrote on the Politics Daily Blog. It’s awful.

This is the sort of thing you get on Facebook status updates scarily often: – “i’m so raging @john smith has just cheated on me with my best friend – the cock :(“

3) The tyranny of immediacy
They know you have your phone on and they know you are on Facebook, so if you don’t reply to that text or message immediately, they’re gonna start wondering why not.

4) Harder to run multiple lives…
Er, if you “American date” ie – string a few fellas or ladies along at the same time, it is distinctly harder to keep up if you social network. Avoiding Foursquare is a basic, but even innocuous comments on Facebook can cause problems.

How technology has made dating a whole lot easier…

1) Facebook

The thing was practically set up for dating. Not only can you express your interest in a non-threatening way by adding them as a friend, you can also find exactly what those favourite books are, what music they like and try and work out whether they are seeing someone else without having to ask all their friends. Some call it stalking, others call it doing your research…

2) It’s easy to stay close to people.
They may be in another city or just a different office but that immediacy of technology means you can continue to err “work your magic” long-distance.

3) Easier to meet people you’d never come across in real life.
They may not be on your train, but they are on the internet, whether they comment on your friend’s facebook wall or read the same music blog and get in touch on the comments board – the internet vastly widens the pool of available and compatible people.

Anna Leach


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