iPhone 4 case can recharge your battery with sunlight, just not very much


Well it ain’t a beauty and no, it probably won’t work in Britain for the next 6 months… but a case for the iPhone 4 by Frostbite promises to recharge your iPhone with solar panels. We’re all into this idea. The only problem is that it doesn’t seem to work so well in practice.

20minutes of direct sunshine will only get you 5 minutes of talktime or 50 minutes of standby time.

Alternatively you can treat it like a straightforward battery booster. Charge the case by USB cord and it gives you 315 hours on standby or 5 extra hours of talk time.

It’s a bit of a chunky thing, almost doubling the width of the iPhone…


One commenter raises the issue of overheating..: “hmmm… I can imagine a lot of people leaving this black case in direct sunlight and over heating their iphones.” A pertinent point since iPhones can start to go funny at temperatures above 30 degrees celsius.

The case costs $70.

Mooncharge Hybrid iPhone 4 charger is $70 on Frostfire

Anna Leach


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