The Lady Gaga of Candles: the Lotus Music Candle

The Lotus Music Candle is a seriously banging birthday candle. Don’t put it on a cake, but my goodness as far as cheap pyrotechnics go this is way better than low-end fireworks, waaay better than sparklers and just below Lady Gaga’s bra in the Bad Romance video. See the way it splits open and all the ends are like minature candles? Those guys in the video above LOVE it. Great way to spice up a friend’s birthday party.

The video above pretty much explains the concept but just to recap: “It is set off by lighting an incense stick and touching the pistil of the flower, upon which it will eject beautiful pyrotechnics, emblazing the candles automatically; meanwhile it sings a happy birthday melody; and the bud slowly unfolds, like a blooming lotus.”

$8.99-5.99 on SourceSquare + international delivery

Anna Leach


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