Justin Bieber takes another bashing from the interwebz

Justin Bieber.jpg

Aaah. The world wide web just won’t leave the poor wee soul alone. After a weekend in which an XSS vulnerability meant that his YouTube videos were hacked – redirecting viewers to porn sites or displaying messages of his ‘death’ – Justin Bieber’s Twitter page has now been the cause of much viral hilarity. A poll asking viewers to nominate the country for his next tour has come up with the rather unexpected result: North Korea.

Just in case you’re wondering, word on the street is that the tour is probably not going to go ahead.

On a more serious note, the XSS vulnerability caused quite a kerfuffle for tech lovers. And If you were embroiled in the panic that engulfed the Twittersphere in the last 24 hours, you might be interested to read this post from threat researcher Christopher Boyd. He was interested to see people posting messages declaring: ‘Don’t watch any youtube videos or comment them today, there’s a virus! Spread!’ Before anyone knew it, the virus talk went viral itself, and the Chinese Whispers became as disruptive as the threat itself…

The upshot is that many people were unnecessarily alarmed. Probably about as much as Justin himself when he heard the rumour that his mum was going to pose for Playboy…