iPhone App Review: Emoji brings emoticons to iPhone

906emojthumb.jpgRamp up the emoticon content in texts from your iPhone with this fun emoticon app. Emoji lets you insert any of dozens of emoticon images into texts, notes or emails.

Emoji is an app in that you buy it on the App Store and pay £0.59 for it, but it doesn’t sit on your homescreen, it becomes an extra keyboard option meaning you can toggle into it’s emoticon menu from anywhere the keyboard pops up.

To activate it.. go to Settings>General>Keyboards>International>Japanese>Emoji and then switch it on.

Well, I know, we all went through a phase where using smileys was a bit “uncool”. That phase is over. Emotis in texts are fun.

In fact you soon realise that a whole load of texts don’t need to have words at all.




Anna Leach

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