Kid-friendly app Touch of Fun makes good use of the iPad


Playsoft have extended into the field of iPad apps with a creative play-with-the-kids app called Touch of Fun.

Touch of Fun contains 8 different games and makes full use of the iPad’s multitouch facilities – the games are for 2 to 4 players and it’s all done intuitively with the hands.

Sounds like a bunch of fun to me.. Just make sure they aren’t putting chocolate all over the ‘Pad. Playsoft are proud that they adapt all their games to fit the platform they appear on – a key attribute these days when games are being played everywhere from phones to Facebook:

Playsoft CEO comments: “we create our own games with a goal to take maximum advantage of the innovative features of new gaming platforms (iPhone4G, iPad, Facebook …). We can thus create novel game experiences! This allows us to develop our unique expertise and the best possible expertise on platforms of the future.”

The eight games include:

•BURIED TREASURES: Dig through the sand with your fingers to collect the most treasure chests. Everything goes here: you can steal other player’s treasures, hinder their digging etc…
•BUBBLE GEYSER: Drag as many bubbles of your assigned color to your side, or pop your opponents’ bubbles!
•AIR SOCCER: Protect your goal and score with the tip of your fingertips.
•SHOOT FOR THE STARS: Control your laser cannon and shoot the stars to score points.
•SPLASH PAINTER: Be the craziest painter and cover as much of the canvas as you can.
•COOKING MADNESS: Drag your necessary ingredients to your pot to quickly complete recipes.
•GHOST CATCHER: Be ready to catch the wandering ghost when he appears to score points.
•TOTEM OF FURY: Hit the totem as much as possible without breaking it in this nerve-breaking game.

Touch of Fun free on iTunes

Anna Leach


  • I just got my new IPad xD and downloaded this application from the store, it is really fun –>

  • Quite entertaining, I’d love to see more minigames in the application, but those that are available are sufficient for many hours of fun.

  • Those games are amazing, I had so much fun with friends, I hope they will make more games like that.

  • I had great time while playing this game! It’s good entertainment for kids and grown-ups as well.

  • Yes, I can understand that kids will love the games, but in fact older people will have a lot of fun too, believe me, we tried ;) excellent app, good work :)

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